Do you like playing games? So do we!

Yes, we love games! But sometimes it can be hard to achieve everything and sometimes it can cost a 'lot of money'.

But what do you think we're here for?

We sell cheats and software for any game you can think of - no matter if it's from last month or 1984. (Here's a list of other things we can do) 

  • Maps and equipment for Counter-Strike GO
  • Full games - no matter which. 
  • Counter-Strike 1.6 servers. (Much better than those on GT)
  • Consoles and controllers. (Xbox, playstation etc)
  • Cheats to amnesia and other adventure games, but also most other categories.
  • Or any game, cheat, console, controller or server you can think of. We'll find it for you.

Interested? You sure should be! Contact us on the form to your right or mail us on: 

This guy gets it! Pewdiepie has our humor!

Do you see the share-buttons below this text? We actually beg you to use them. Appreciated thank you in advance. 


  1. yeah plz mail me on what you have with cs go. Mail here,

  2. Message is sent

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