Need to do some school work? We sell good info for you to compose into an essay!

Yes, since it would be immoral to do your school work for you, we won't do that.  

But we can still do the hard work, and make everything easier for you.

And of course, to the absolute best price possible.

Imagine that you're supposed to do an essay about British history.

What we'll do is to find all the facts about British history and find anything that is about the subject.

We'll write it all down and put it all together.

Then we'll tell you in which way to write in order to make it look good, what language to use etc. 

The only thing you have to do is to write it so that it's your work.

And so why would you hire us? There's several reasons:

  • We give you the best information possible, high quality facts with the best sources.
  • We give it extremely quick and rapid - in the blink of eye actually.
  • We're cheap and trusted.

There's not really any reasons not to. (Read more about us)

Contact us on the "Tell us what you want to buy form"-form to your right 

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  1. What does it cost?

  2. Maybe we should explain this. It will cost about $ 0,25 for shorter things, $ 0,50 for medium-long and $ 1 for long and hard tasks. And thereafter we'll find out what that means in your country and currency. Have a nice day "anonymous" :)

  3. Okay so how much in Euro? Pounds?

  4. European EURO: from 0,20 to 0,82 euro

    British POUNDS: from 0,16 to 0,64 pounds

  5. Fun to hang around reading these old things


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