Just an e-mail

Contacting us is the easiest thing in the world!

We're not an automatic service, we have actual people reading and working for you.

If there's anything you're wondering about or anything you want to buy, you just need to ask for it like to another human being.

For instance, send us a mail that can start any way it wants to;

"Hello, do you have the latest iPhone?", "do u have this phone", "what's the best thing for this", "how do i..", "what do you mean with.."

This means nothing is ever hard or complicated, a simple e-mail is all that is needed. 
You can also use the contact-form to your right, which works the exact same way.

This is our address:   lqg.contact@gmail.com


  1. Bist diesem Page deutschsprachig?

    1. ich bin deutsch auslander, aber ich deutsch kennt.

  2. Ja, LQG funktioniert in alle Länder und sprachen. Wir haben ein Übersetzer auf diesem site. Willkommen!

  3. For the record, this is German. We want to tell you as well that we are available on all languages!

  4. You could be qualified to receive a Apple iPhone 7.


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