We can make advertisements for you

If we believe that your company or product deserves a place on Lowpriced Quality Goods we will make an advertisement for you so that any visitor will be able to see it.

If you indeed deserve an advertisement on our page, you must have passed our requirements:

  • You must prove your own existing company/identification
  • The product or service must have a high quality and be original
  • What you want to advertise for must be serious and professional
  • We will not advertise for someone who's prices aren't good
  • You must be in favor of the consumers of Lowpriced Quality Goods.

We will take about two dollars (other currencies are also available) which is very cheap when thinking about our public and traffic. 

Together we make things affordable - Join the solution™

If the requirements seem to be acceptable, then take contact with our e-mail at lqg.contact@gmail.com


  1. Seems goods.. i will send you the email if you can first tell me how your statistics are? daily visitors, number of costumers and such things?

    1. We hear your my good Sir. If you do send this mail we can assure you that all this information will be delivered to you. Have a nice day!

  2. Is the offer available? Still?

  3. I sent you mail to days ago. Please look it up.

    // Andrew

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