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We've made a summit of some things that we've shared with you the last couple of months. 

1. Click here to see a document we've made about ourselves

2. Click here to see the LQG introduction video.

3. Click here to share us on facebook (if you want to help us)

4. Our e-mail address (shared several times)

Just like we did with the Twitter-accounts, we have created an even longer list of our favorite pages of the Internet. (We checked our most-visited stats in our browser history)

  1. Toca Boca
  2. Blümelhüber
  3. SquareSpace
  4. Better Coffee
  5. Post Office
  6. Cool Hunting
  7. Snapcard 
  8. The Eddy 
  9. Shopify    
  10. AutoMobility
  11. Design Report
  12. Dream&Reach
  13. Aurelien   
  14. Full Shop P..
  15. Base Design
  16. Confer.. 2015
  17. Artsy        
  18. Trippeo    
  19. Defringe   
  20. Baumbauer A.
  21. FS Millbank
  22. Melanie F 
  23. Gogoro     

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