The old top list still on top

This is a list of the most bought products that we've sold to different people. But remember, we can sell anything. Because we can probably find it all.

  1. Apple iPhone 6
  2. Call of Duty, Counter-Strike GO, Minecraft etc.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S
  4. Lacoste, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Gucci
  5. Apple products and accessories

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    Of course, there are more things to buy. We've just created a list so that you can see what the common LQG-fan likes. 

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    1. Honestly how can iphone6 be at 1st place? It sucks everyone would think any android phone is better.....

    2. Hello there! Don't miss this!

    3. There is a chance you're eligible for a complimentary Apple iPhone 7.


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