Where's the best spot?

Do you live in a small town or New York City? Doesn't matter - we can still help you.

All of us have something we need to do on daily basis, whether we're new in a town or grown up in it. Therefor we have made a way for you to find out where the best place for stuff is, how expensive they are, and how close it's located to you.
(Well, this means if you need something in the same second, or if your wife's yelling at you. Otherwise, you should just buy everything from us. Of course)

Anyhow, you can give us the location you're at, and we'll give you information about the best alternatives for you. Now, you may think why not ask some Internet-service?
Because those are completely automatic while we're man powered. 

We can help you with everything from the closest McDonald's to the best cloth shop.
The best part is that it's free - worldwide. So come on, ask Lowpriced Quality Goods 

or just use the "what I'd like to buy"-form to your right. 


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