We help "Friendship is the Best" on Facebook!

Friendship is the Best
The picture above is used by the page on facebook. Before that this is art of www.hdfbcover.com

We think this group is unbelievably good - since we also are a fan of friendship. (Of course)

Just look at these great posts they've made!

This is a montage of status updates from the page we're introducing.

About Friendship is the Best:

"Friendship isn't always easily described. Learning to trust and to share are integral aspects of the development of true friendship."


Click here to see the group!

Or follow this URL:


When you enter their site, then please click      because that's 

Right now they're standing at about 8 140 - a number we want to increase.

(Please use the sharing buttons below to help us get bigger. We'd like that)


  1. dey have more than 8140

  2. they kind of increased with 16 people one hour after you said this :D

    1. Yes, we saw that as well. But then all of our readers doesn't have Facebook.


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