Do you remember when we started?

This is our first post ever made. It was released at 3rd of September 2014.

We are made by costumers - join us by reading us and comment us.
Prices are way too high in this world - but together we can bring down those prices by making this 
page larger and larger day by day.

You may think "why would I even make a bookmark here, or is it important"?
It is important. Because we on this page can together by sharing and telling other people make 
something called economic advantage.

Let us tell you how it works:

At the beginning a certain product is worth a certain price, right? But the more people who follow 
this site and reading - and buying - the more L.Q.G. can buy for you. And if we buy quality goods in 
huge numbers - the price will fall extremely low. In fact: it doesn't get cheaper.

You also may think that other companies do this as well. But that is completely untrue; they just want 
your money. We only take the smallest amount in order to make this service be up and running. 

We are so much more than a ordinary company. This page was created by costumers - 
and it is created for costumers. 

Be a part of the solution, be a part of us. We are Lowpriced Quality Goods.


  1. Nakumbuka wakati nikaona mara ya kwanza. Hii ilikuwa hasa kile Mimi kusoma.

    1. Thank you for your comment! We try to speak English at LQG so that everyone will understand each other - but thank you for being a fan! :)

  2. You know a guy called vidmantas supivicious or something like that shared this on twitter?


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