In need of information?

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Are you in need of information? We're able to deliver information regarding practically anything this world have to give:

  • Scientific reports
  • Scores from your favourite team 
  • Where someone lives, telephone number, birthday and more
  • Facts about anything
  • Where the best place for something is
  • Calculations
  • Essays or school work done for you. (But do your own homework!)
  • Statistics
  • Advice about anything (Philosophy, Psychology, Economy you name it)

  • The price depends on what kind of information you're looking for - and how much work it takes to hand it to you. Although this list below would be quite adequate.

    Easy and short tasks (like phone numbers): free!

    Harder tasks (like stats and so on): from $ 2 / £ 1 / 1, 80 EURO

    Just send a quick E-mail to:

    Or use the comments, or our contact form on the top to the right.


    1. Please just send something on Facebook. Search: Johann Wether

      1. Good day, Mr. Wether! It would seem many people have this name, but don't worry. Please use our E-mail address:

    2. I recommend you! Fast work! Stats that I couldn't find elsewhere.. 5/5

      1. Thank you for your feedback! Tell your friends, it's what makes us being up and running.

    3. Anders Johansson15 May 2015 at 13:43

      Can you give me a report about Italy. Then I mean like a wikipedia article but more detalied and completely sure? I want all info, everything like history and things like that! I also want videos and pictures. I will pay what you ask - just answer my mail immediately.

      1. Your report is ready, you can open your mail. Have a nice day.


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