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After a short scan on Google, we got the opportunity to find our very closest friends. I suppose that you wonder what I'm talking about - well, we just made a search for ourselves: "Lowpriced Quality Goods". Of course, we just went to see ourselves in the list, but just after our own space - we could see other people as well. 

And so, what we want to do is to tell you who they are:

The one that was closest to us when we searched was Time (you know, the magazine) and their own site about business. Link: http://business.time.com/

The next one is a bit harder to guess.. Well, it was Warrior Forum. No offense at all! At LQG, we like WF. What was surprising is that it was this thread.

The next is an old article dated nine years ago - from Washington University's website, and their article "Low price doesn’t always mean low quality, but it could mean a challenge to high-end products" Link

Others also featured:

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  1. Im from england and I only read telegraph!


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