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About us: What is Lowpriced Quality Goods?

We are a group of people who thinks that all-day products and all kinds of stuff are getting too expensive.

And when saying that stuff are getting too expensive, we actually aim at almost everything. Everything from simple services to an iPhone has unbelievable prices; and why does it cost that much?

Well, of course it do have something to do with the producer and how much they want to have for their products. But in real life, you would be surprised how much the shops actually takes for your stuff.

We're costumers, just like you. We wanted to make an online service that can sell any product anywhere on the planet - and in this globally connected world it isn't that hard to be honest.

So, how do we manage to set low prices? What is our idea?

(Observe that all products is original only and have quality like any other shop out there)

  • Find a place who sells something very cheaply for some reason in one country, and sell it to you in your country.
  • Take only the absolute smallest amount to make ourselves be up and running (hardly significant)
  • By getting more audience and the more who buys products we sell, the lower we can set the price on every single one of the products. (Share us with your friends, it helps)
  •  Always investigating the market, we always set the price to your benefit. 

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So, what is the difference between us and others?

The main difference is the price, and the people beyond the price. Instead of trying to take your money like others do, we work to make you spend less. And we know you think we sound like great people - so helping us is always appreciated.

Just tell us what you wish to have, or if you have any questions, send a mail to this address:

(Or use the contact-form to your right)

Please also save the link somewhere:

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