Copy of our "Examples of what we do"

Examples of things we do

This is only examples of things we're able to do and sell to you. With all certainty, we'll be able to do practically anything else as well.

Technology and IT:
  • Phones and tablets
  • Computers and servers
  • Cables and connections
  • Accessories and special equipment
  • TV:s and sound-systems 
  • Shaving- and hygiene devices 

Industrial and Special equipment:

This one just means things you can't find at your store. Like special equipment for industries, things for your company, printing T-shirts or maybe if you have an old radio at home which needs things that one doesn't sell anymore.

  • Music (songs, CD:s, LP:s and so on)
  • Movies (DVD:s, VHS, account at Netflix)
  • Books
  • Games (PC, Mac, X-box and even old Nintendo games)
  • Learning books
  • Special computers and software
  • Learning DVD:s or CD:s
  • Books for schools
  • Special furniture for schools
  • Or practically anything you need
Clothes and Style
  • Clothes and Jeans
  • Jackets and Shoes
  • Make-up for her
  • Mittens, hats and caps
  • Accessories and Watches
  • Hygiene products
Active life and Sports
  • Footballs, Basketballs, Hockey Pucks and others.
  • Safe equipment, body protection, for Hockey etc. 
  • Special watches and pulse watches
  • Clubs for Hockey or Floor ball
  • Clothes for any sport, or just training activity
  • Sweatbands and shoes
Office equipment

(Anything you need for your office or company!)


Any information you could need for any purpose, we could find almost anything.

  • Scientific reports
  • Scores from your favourite team 
  • Where someone lives, telephone number, birthday and more
  • Facts about anything
  • Where the best place for something is
  • Calculations
  • Essays or school work done for you. (But do your own homework!)
  • Statistics
  • Advice about anything (Philosophy, Psychology, Economy you name it)

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  1. I don't get why you copy these pages, I'm sick of it.

    1. No its good. You see it immediately when you go in. You learn a lot.

    2. Just like anon says, it's for being informative. Can we help you something, Zoram?

  2. No thanks maybe later

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    1. Dear Blogger, it is OK if you make small advertisements on here NOW AND THEN, but if you in the future make adverisements as aggressively as you have earlier, then we will be forced to completely delete everything you have written an will write. Is that a fair deal to you?


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