Copy of our "How does it work?"

How does it work? How do I buy things from you?

Well, it's very simple really.

The only thing you need to do is to use our email-address: 

You can also use the "Tell us what you want to buy"-form on your right to the page. The answer will be delivered shortly by e-mail.

So you can do two things. Either on e-mail or the online-form.

And there's nothing strange with buying things from us,

in the e-mail you just tell us what you want to have. 

Shortly we'll send an e-mail back where we ask you where we should send this, giving you our payment information, and also what the product will cost. All information will be there.

Either way, it will work very smoothly, and so long many people are very satisfied with us. There's nothing more you have to think about :)

$ 100          $ 50             $ 25      =       $ 5       Yes, that's how we work.

Together we make things affordable - Join the solution™

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