2015 is almost over!

The year have almost come to its end. It have been a long year, filt with work and hard tasks. We've made many new friends and we've gotten more costumers and fans than ever before. When we started a year ago, we started with only 10 people knowing who we really are. And well, I suppose you get that we have become more than 10!

Working with business and selling products and services, is not a game - we can agree with that much. In this world with economic uncertainty you will always need a partner. You need a partner with answers - and that's us!

Not only have we worked with selling products and services, no matter what it may have been, we've been the meeting point for unbelievable many new visitors. When you thought that life was over, that your money couldn't help you for a brief moment - we helped you! We gave you friends, low cost products, services and economic advice. 

We can't tell what a hard year 2015 have been, it accutally is the first year ever since we started in september 2014. And it certainly is as they say - the first year is the hardest one.

We've made fans, visitors, friends and costumers from every part of the world. No one can ever say that we did a bad job, everything actually claims the opposit. LQG have showed it's new face in, for example: USA, France, Japan, Australia, Greenland, Iran, Germany and Argentina. 

Even if we in the first place speak English, we've given other languages an opportunity. Because our goal is to put people and money together, to build a friendly and rich network under the LQG trademark. 

We've started to build a big family, from most countries of the world. But still it remains a whole lot of work. Remember that we are not LQG and you are not LQG. We are Lowpriced Quality Goods together - as a family, a team or just a group of friends. 

Make your mind flow, your pocket grow, and help Lowpriced to become bigger and stronger. Together we make things affordable.

Happy new year - let's make this a great year for Lowpriced Quality Goods!


  1. By the way, help us to prevent spam. It kind of destroys our work.

  2. @Fanny: everywhere. Admin, can you make translations of the text?

  3. Vielen Dank für ein gutes jahr :)


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