What kind of website is this?

We're sure there is no question what we do, but since there's always new people coming in, we decided to make it clear once and for all.

We are:

  • An online shop. You can ask us for a product - we'll find it and sell it to the lowest price possible.
  • An online service provider. You can ask us for a service, and we'll do it for you as cheap as possible.
  • A social network for people world wide, interested in money and business.
  • A website dedicated to give costumers the power and to work for them as private persons or for their companies. To your benefit.
  • An information-site telling you the best economic options today, and what you can do to grow and to earn or save money.
  • A news agency completely into business, money, companies, markets, saving and buying.

Other than being into business and money, we are also into bringing people together on our site. We call this LQG being social.


  1. Ylva Aslogdottir6 January 2016 at 12:29

    We know :D

  2. please, Tell me what service you have!

  3. מה עושה את העלות להמיר מטבע הזולה ביותר?


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