Being honest, the economy isn't that stable

Have you seen the Eurozone? It's not a pretty sight. America's Dow Index or Nasdaq? Very sad as well. China? Please don't mention it.

There's no good way to say it, but we think that the economy's going straight down a methaphorical toilet. First thing's first: we have to make the global economy more liquid.

But since we can't do much about the global finance, it's better to just keep ourselves to Lowpriced. And there's not much we have to do really, the only thing we need to do is to continue like we always have. Only one single difference: EVEN MORE.

Since the economy's heading the way it is - we can't be too passive. Trade is the only way to keep our economy healthy, and exactly what are we good at? But also, it's good that we've started to specify in other areas as well, it's just as essential to talk about the problems and to connect with other people. 

Together we are solving our economic problems as well as our downfalls. 

// John Matthews


  1. Very good update :) Together we make things affordable!!

  2. what do u want us to do even more?

    1. I suppose buy and sell and discuss

    2. Yes, probably John meant buy/sell, and talk/review + investigate like we always have.


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