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But Lowpriced, politics aren't the same as economy? You couldn't be more wrong, dear friend. Politics of the world decides what the economy will look like. And, the party that rules your country might not be in favour for a free economy. If one would like to generalize, we could say that parties to the left are more sceptical to a free market while those the the right sympathizes with a free market. 

Not because we like to be political, but it says itself that it will be easier for us to trade if your country is more sympathetic with trading.

Below we'll give you a fast look at the 20 most important countries of the world, and their politics.

  1. People's Republic of China (China) - leader: Xi Jinping - party: Communist Party (left)
  2. United States of America (USA) - leader: Barack Obama - party: Democratic party (right)
  3. Russian Federation (Russia) - leader: Vladimir Putin - party: United Russia (right)
  4. United Republic of Germany (Germany) - leader: Angela Merkel - party: Christian Democrats (right)
  5. United Kingdom (Great Britain) - leader: David Cameron - party: Conservatives (right)
  6. French Republic (France) - leader: Francois Hollande - party: Socialists (left)
  7. Canada - leader: Justin Trudeau - party: The Liberals (right)
  8. Federative Republic of Brazil (Brazil) - leader: Dilma Rouseff - party: Workers' Party (left)
  9. State of Japan (Japan) - leader: Shinzo Abe - party: Liberal Democratic (right)
  10. Kingdom of Spain (Spain) - leader: Mariano Rajoy - party: People's Alliance (left)
  11. United Mexican States (Mexico) - leader: Enrique Nieto - party: Communist's Revolutionary International (left)
  12. Italian Republic (Italy) - leader: Sergio Mattarella - party: None (no view)
  13. Korean Republic (South Korea) leader: Park Geun-Hye - party: Conservative Saenuri (right)
  14. Commonwealth of Australia (Australia) - leader: Malcolm Turnbull - party: Liberal party (right)
  15. Swiss Confederation (Switzerland) - *DIRECT DEMOCRACY*
  16. Kingdom of the Netherlands (Netherlands) - leader: Mark Rutte - party: Freedom and Democracy (right)
  17. Republic of China (Taiwan) - leader: Xi Jinping - party: Communist Party (left)
  18. Kingdom of Belgium (Belgium) - leader: Charles Michel - party: Reformist Movement (right)
  19. Republic of Austria (Austria) - leader: Heinz Fischer - party: Social Democrats (left)
  20. Kingdom of Sweden (Sweden) - leader: Stephan Loven - party: Socialist Democrats (left)
Results of best countries to trade with (of these twenty):
China, USA, Russia, Germany, UK.

The worst in this list: Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland.

Note: Sweden have a great downfall in its economy, and have issues with its own markets.
Switzerlands prices are way too high for most other countries. 


Countries to the left: China, France, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Taiwan, Austria and Sweden.

To the right: USA, Russia, Germany, UK, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Netherlands and Belgium. 


  1. François Nouvet26 January 2016 at 00:36

    I think this is a rather legitimate summit of it all. Those three to start with, always will be the best ones to place money. But one should no forget England. Anyhow Sweden is a disaster when it comes to trade, so I do'nt recomment.

  2. Still, i'd say austria is perfect when it comes to marketing. You know it doesn't matter, if their leftist or not. They still have perfect balance in their economy.

    1. Well, we don't think left or right HAVE TO be something sincere to the economy, but it might be.

  3. my country to the right ;-) . I have mailed you a propose if your interested . We pay in usd and we can make affair if you buy a few supplies. Get in touch please!


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