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Do not miss out on that if there's something you want to sell, then go ahead and sell it to us! We won't struggle, keep you busy with idiotic things or be hard on the price. Very simple: you tell us what you are selling, where from, for how much, the condition of the product etc. And we tell you: If we want what you are selling, to which address you should send this, what the product is worth and how much we want, and if the condition is acceptable. No problemo!

No se pierda en que si hay algo que quieres vender, y luego seguir adelante y lo venden a nosotros! No vamos a luchar, le mantiene ocupado con cosas tontas o ser duro en el precio. Muy simple: usted nos dice lo que está vendiendo, dónde, por cuánto, el estado del producto, etc. Y les decimos: Si queremos que lo que está vendiendo, a la que se debe abordar enviar esta, lo que el producto es vale la pena y lo mucho que queremos, y si la condición es aceptable. ¡No hay problema!

Verpassen Sie nicht auf, dass, wenn es etwas gibt, die Sie verkaufen möchten, dann gehen Sie vor und verkaufen Sie es uns! Wir werden nicht kämpfen, halten Sie beschäftigt mit idiotischen Dinge oder den Kurs hart sein. Ganz einfach: Sie sagen uns, was Sie verkaufen, wo aus, wie lange der Zustand des Produkts usw. Und wir sagen euch: Wenn wir wollen, was Sie verkaufen, an welche Adresse Sie diese senden soll, was das Produkt ist wert und wie viel wir wollen, und wenn die Bedingung akzeptabel ist. Kein Problem!

RERUN: Where's the best spot?

Do you live in a small town or New York City? Doesn't matter - we can still help you.

All of us have something we need to do on daily basis, whether we're new in a town or grown up in it. Therefor we have made a way for you to find out where the best place for stuff is, how expensive they are, and how close it's located to you.
(Well, this means if you need something in the same second, or if your wife's yelling at you. Otherwise, you should just buy everything from us. Of course)

Anyhow, you can give us the location you're at, and we'll give you information about the best alternatives for you. Now, you may think why not ask some Internet-service?
Because those are completely automatic while we're man powered. 

We can help you with everything from the closest McDonald's to the best cloth shop.
The best part is that it's free - worldwide. So come on, ask Lowpriced Quality Goods 

or just use the "what I'd like to buy"-form to your right. 

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RERUN: Make this a good year with Notyourtypicaldollface!

She's our favorite Youtuber! :)




Sephora Link:

Where Else to Find Me
I N S T A G R A M | @notyourtypicaldollface
T W I T T E R | @nytdollface

Wanna write me a letter :) 
PO Box 20060 Calgary Place
Calgary AB T2P 4J2
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What’s on My Face

Eyes - MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot, Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette, Sephora Outrageous Volume Mascara, Stila Lionfish Liner

Face - Bioderma Pore Refiner, Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer, MAC Strobe Cream, Illamasqua Skin BAse in 07, Chantecaille Capri Bronzer, BECCA Blushed Copper, Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Glow Highlighter

Lips - LA Splash Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Guadeloupe

Camera - Canon EOS Rebel T5i
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This channel is an extension of my fun journey, and I'm excited to have you join me on it! This is a place of positivity and happiness, so please leave your negativity at the door! In that vein, I end all my videos with three things I'm grateful for that day. This is an exercise I learned in university at a 'Happiness' seminar I took. It's by no means a perfect solution, but it's something I do every day, and it helps give me perspective on the things that are bringing me down. What are three things you're grateful for today?
I hope you enjoy these videos and the discussions we'll have, and that we can make this a fun and positive forum for us all!

For business inquires please don't hesitate to contact me at:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

FTC- All items were purchased with my own money, unless otherwise noted, and opinions are 100% honest and my own. I don't accept money in exchange for positive reviews. And, I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned.

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We are so greatful to all our fans out there who have made our existance possible. But we live by the rule that it's never enough - and that things always can get better. If you feel that you have maybe one or two dollars you just want to "get rid of", or if you just like us much enough to help us get even better. You decide; it can be as low or as high you wish to.

Simply send us a mail or contact us via the contact form to your right.

Thank you dear friend!

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Easy ways to save money for 'the little guy'

These suggestions might not work for everyone, but it sure is a good start for most of us. These are just small things you can do on a daily basis to save money if you're a "little guy".

  1. Plan your day; make a schedule of what you need to do that day, what it will cost, and what you actually need to pay for. In this way, you can get rid of spontanious costs and things you don't really need.
  2. Don't go out if you don't need to; if you're in the house there can be no costs whatsoever. (But it's not smart to say no to the pals or the girl all the time, for non-economic reasons).
  3. Pack a small lunch, learn about food that makes you feel full and that gives nutrition, so you won't need to eat street food.
  4. Don't drive if you don't have to! If you live just by the supermarket, you might not need the car to buy groceries. Sometimes you can take the bike, or maybe the bus. Saving gas money makes a great difference!
  5. Keep the electric bill low. Turn of the lights, turn of the TV, make it a habit to turn off your electro stuff. Water and heat also counts.
  6. Eat your leftovers instead of trashing them; eat them the next day instead of buying new all the time.
  7. You can use your clothes in 2-3 days instead of washing every day! It's not bad for your hygiene, if you take care of yourself in other ways. (Four days is too long).
  8. Pay your bills in time! Paying immediately will not give you fees for not paying.

We haven't forgot about Finland! In Finnish:

Nämä ehdotukset eivät ehkä toimi kaikille, mutta se varmasti on hyvä alku useimmille meistä. Nämä ovat vain pieniä asioita, voit tehdä päivittäin säästää rahaa, jos olet "pikkumies".

1. Suunnittele päivä; tehdä aikataulu, mitä tarvitsee tehdä, että päivä, mitä se maksaa, ja mitä todella tarvitse maksaa. Näin voit päästä eroon spontaani kustannusten ja mitä ei todellakaan tarvitse.

2. Älä mene ulos, jos et tarvitse; jos olet talossa ei voi olla kustannuksia lainkaan. (Mutta se ei ole järkevää sanoa ei kaverukset tai tyttö koko ajan, muista kuin taloudellisista syistä).

3. Pack pieni lounas oppia ruokaa, joka tekee sinusta tuntuu täysin ja joka antaa ravintoa, joten sinun ei tarvitse syödä katu ruokaa.

4. Älä aja, jos et tarvitse! Jos asut vain supermarket, et ehkä tarvitse autoa ostaa elintarvikkeita. Joskus voi ottaa pyörä, tai ehkä linja. Säästäminen kaasua rahaa tekee suuri ero!

5. Pidä sähkölaskussa alhainen. Vaihteessa valot, vaihteessa TV, tee se tapa sammuttaa electro tavaraa. Vettä ja lämpöä myös laskee.

6. Syö tähteitä asemesta halveksuntaa niitä; syödä niitä seuraavana päivänä sijaan ostaa uusia koko ajan.

7. Voit käyttää vaatteita 2-3 päivän sijasta pesun joka päivä! Se ei ole haitaksi hygienia, jos huolehtia itsestäsi muilla tavoin. (Neljä päivää on liian pitkä).

8. Maksa laskusi ajoissa! Maksaminen heti ei anna sinulle maksuja ei maksa.

We have received a proposal for charity

At first, I considered helping as LQG wants to join charity in order to make life better for others.

But to my big disapointment, this proposal came to LQG's junk mail. And after scanning the net for the mail address, we also discovered that this is a fraud and scam.

We think it's rather low to pretend working for charity, and we'll not let ourselves be fooled.

She used this address:

// John F.

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