Scared of the clowns?

Sure, they are frightening. But these clowns could mean a whole new market. 

Just think about it, how many people aren't talking about them? People are really scared, mostly because we can never know if the funny fellows have knifes under their costumes.
But what do I mean by "a new market", well, I thought that maybe someone could build an app where users can add data and users can receive data.
If a user for instance have seen a clown in a certain neighbourhood, they could add this info to the app, and other users could then receive a warning or they could read it directly in the app. It all depends on how advanced we want to be: is it enough with a list of places where clowns have been? Or should we rather build a monster-app which warns us when we're approaching an unsafe neighbourhood?

I beg everyone on LQG to think about this - if someone feel interested in investing in app like this, please let us know. Maybe we can collect some other members into this work!
I think it's a really good idea and I'm sure it will generate money!

By: Felicia Merdon (member since February 2016)

*This post was made by a person non-related to the LQG administration. Possible opinions or content in this message doesn't necessarily meet those of LQG.* 


  1. You remember what we talked about at the meeting? PM me now!

  2. Yes but this is old news now! You should put something new!

    1. they seem to have left

    2. владислав иванов13 January 2017 at 10:57

      Конечно нет, это просто зима!!

    3. A pochemu eto problem, chto eto zima.

    4. Извините, что мы не быль активным. Многие разговоры!

  3. владислав19 January 2017 at 17:42

    Какой вопрос!

  4. I live in Germany and I can't see much clowns. My girlfriend lives in Almaty,KZ and she haven't seen much either.

  5. Hey Felicia, I have spoken with Matt about your plans. I don't think it will generate much money, but then I took a look at the costs.. Maybe it's a good idea after all! Mail Matt or perhaps Anders at, or


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