100 years since the Russian Revolution

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, also known as the USSR or the Soviet Union, and very often simply referred to as Russia, was a communist one-party state that lived from 1921 to 1991. Being the World's strongest power or one of the two strongest superpowers during its lifetime, it certainly did affect World politics, to put it gently. It is still on today a very controversial country to talk about, since people have very different opinions about the country. The official inheritor to the Soviet Union is the Russian Federation, which is still on today, obviously, a superpower. The USSR wasn't a capitalist country like the USA or the UK, but they instead practiced Communism and planned economy. All marxists believe, also in current socialist countries, that capitalism is an inhumane system which only creates chaos and social injustice. We at LQG want to provide some basic information about the former socialist country, since they had a different economy, and since this actually is an anniversary!

State Emblem of the Soviet Union.svg
Motto: "Workers of the World, Unite!"
Capital: Moscow
Language: Russian
Religion: State Atheism, Orthodox Christianity
Demonym: Russian (Soviet)
Government: Communist Marxist-Leninist One-Party State
Legislature: Supreme Soviet
Area: 22 402 200 square kilometers
Population: 293 047 571 inhabitants
Currency: Ruble
Country Code: SU


  1. I went to russie in 1980 and I must say that it was an very good society for the people. I could not see the problem the western countries were talking about (!)

  2. fucking commies dont deserve to live. go back to soviet russia hitler! if communism was such a great idea then why is america the greatest fucking country on earth, you answer to that marksists. youre all going to hell

    1. Please don't display hatred in this manner. Any further comments in this fashion will be removed, you have your first and second warning.

    2. 1. you can't even behave yourself or speak without curse words 2. there is no proof that a capitalist has any more right to live than a communist 3. america is weaker than russia and china, and china is a pure communist country 4. so there is no way to answer to a statement that has no roots in reality 5. there is no proof that there is something like a "hell" 5. you are obviously an american and no one has ever forced you americunts whoops i mean americans, to become communists. you on the other hand have forced the entire world to watch your disastrous television, drink your sugar drinks and wear your disgusting colonial flag on our clothing 6. please be ashamed of yourself and never speak out loud again because no one is interested in what a person like you have to say

  3. Stina Eriksson24 June 2017 at 15:01

    I'm 43 year old woman and I remember the soviet days, in Sweden we had news everyday about what was happening in Russia back then. We also adopted a lot of communist ideals here, but that's something swedes these days either don't know about or don't want to hear about... Anyhow, my boyfriend is 20 and he wasn't even born when the soviet union existed ! So i need to explain a lot of things for him when this subject comes up. Time is a strange thing!!


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