Not all business is good business: Kidnapping of children?

The Nordic countries - places you might want to visit. Historically, these countries have been very stable and attractive for a lot of people, because of social welfare and a good living standard. Yet during recent years, strange things have been going on. Scandinavia are now witnessing a rise in organized crime and unrest among people with foreign background, but also among ethnic swedes and scandinavs who thinks that, especially Sweden, is going in the wrong direction. But hey! Everyone knows this, everyone has heard this. It doesn't matter which channel you listen to, everyone has explained the rising tensions in Scandinavia.

The most upsetting part however, is none of this. Norway, Sweden and Denmark are three countries in which modern human trafficking occurs. In three other countries, Poland, Russia and the Czech Republic, even the LEADERS has condemned these actions. It took me a while to understand what they really meant with "kidnapping" and "trafficking", but I soon started to realise the gruesome reality.

This is how it works:
Socialtjänsten in Sweden and Denmark, as well as Barnevernet in Norway, are social offices which has the right to 'take care of' children and underage citizens (all the way up to 18 years of age!) if their parents are "considered as bad for the children". And this is where it gets really scary: the social workers in these offices can take care of the children and isolate them from their parents completely without asking any other authorities! It is more or less like a state in the state. These children are being placed in either strangers' homes or in institutions where they are being "trained" to live like "normal people". 

It is as shocking as it seems, I'm afraid. The social workers can take practically any children they want to, more or less kidnapping them, and just come with excuses like "she or he cried at school", or "he doesn't wake up until half past seven in the morning". Parents, and the children, of course gets phychological scars for their entire lifes. Many of them can never get rid of their insecurity and their chock from being collected by the POLICE. Yes, you heard it right. The police in these countries will come to your house if they have been called by either Socialtjänsten in Sweden or Barnevernet in Norway. 

Like in any other country, of course there are trials. But the trials never starts sooner than three months after. Statistically, the courts agrees completely with the social offices in 90 % of all cases. If one reads the papers from any court, you can read things like "their children seemed unstable", "the parents didn't co-operate with the authorities", or something else that is neither objective nor according to current laws. And before the trials that starts this late, the parents will get thousands of papers from the court and the social offices themselves... It almost seems like they WANT to make these people so unstable that they can't resist when the authorities take their children without any reason. This is by all means comparable with the texts of Franz Kafka or the actions of Nazi Germany. 

But hang on, why won't society discuss this problem? All of this must be wrong, right?! Sure, society does discuss this. They discuss how much Socialtjänsten and Barnevernet does for children, and how good children feel after being separated from their parents. In Norway, they even talk about giving Barnevernet even more resources (they already have extreme funds) for their good deeds. The fact that so many children, parents and humans rights organizations show huge criticism against all of this, it hardly gets mentioned in the media. How about discussing this with the social offices themselves? Well either, they won't accept an interview. Or the medias "forgets'' about calling them. Or in a few cases, they do make an interview, but you will only hear an answer like this: "No, no, you've got all of this wrong."

Required education for working with children in these social offices are not especially high. They are something that is called a "socionomist", which is one year at university or perhaps they haven't went to a university at all. Some of them simply calls themselves a socionomist, which is a 'growing concern' in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Especially in Sweden and Norway, they have companies that are working with taking care of children. These companies are almost always extremely over-funded by the state. The individuals in these social offices often knows the owners of these companies, and experts in corruption are very concerned, because they are certain that they legally kidnap children in huge numbers just so that these companies can get even more funds from the state. Doesn't end there: a socionomist can get paid 70 000 krona, or about 7 000 euros just for putting a signature that a certain company is qualified for taking other peoples children. 

By the way, these children can't have their phone, Socialtjänsten or Barnevernet takes it. These children doesn't have the right to talk to someone without the surveillance of these offices. They are most often completely isolated from their parents, and every day they get instructions like "do this", and "you shouldn't do that". They can be sent from one part of their country to a completely different part. It's not rare that social workers harass or bully these poor children, and Sweden and Norway has received a lot of criticism for not listening to what these kids have to say about how they are treated. Other interesting facts is for example that the majority of social workers dealing with children hasn't had their own biological parents when they grew up. They very often have been collected by Barnevernet themselves. Another interesting fact is that they very often don't have their own kids, and may have some sort of disorder not allowing them to reproduce. Even more upsetting is that children may be adopted by other people, regular couples who can't have their own kids, homosexuals who want a small one and there even are cases where people adopt just to get funds. 

This is dictatorship of the worst sort, a silent and evil form of oppression that must be exposed. If you're going on vacation to the Nordic countries and have a kid, perhaps you should reconsider. The reason behind this trafficking is the same as with any other form
of trafficking: it's an economical reason. The only difference is that these authorities are being funded by the state and the government, just like the Nazi German Lebensborn was.
That is what I mean with "not all business is good business".

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  1. I've been in Sweden many times, their women are gross. I buy every word of this post. I cant even describe it, it was like their women were staring at others' kids! What in the name of god is wrong with them?! Sure looks like Hitler Germany or a liberal version of it, I'll never put my foot in Sweden again

  2. If you receive a message from this address:, don't answer it.

  3. Jens andersson17 May 2017 at 11:49

    This is so wrong , why are you talking about sweden in this way. i live here and it is a very good country but we have big problems with the russian threat and islamic terrorism, thats why sweden has become worse but not a lot worse . Stop spreading fake news. Socialtjänsten does what is the best for kids , in this silly text you havent wrote one reason why they would do anything like this.

    1. Exactly what admin said in the post! You swedes are unbelievable...!!!! It's like you haven't even read the post, don't you understand that you have to control your authorities so that they don't misuse their power?! Exactly this naive behavior will mean the end for democracy in your country. SO NAIVE.

  4. In the west everything is a product, even our children, the most upsetting part is that most of us don't realize what they are doing to our lives! Just look at the norwegian woman there, does she look very respectful and loving, does she care about children or is the money more important...?!?!

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