AD: "Stop LGBT Propaganda Worldwide"

(Disclaimer: this subject is controversial. LQG holds no official opinion about this subject, the advertisement is allowed because it doesn't break any of our rules. All opinions and political views are allowed at LQG and we do not censor; forces that are pro-LGBT are allowed to post here as well.)

Click here to go to Stop LGBT's Facebook-page!

Stop LGBT Propaganda Worldwides foto.

About: We are here to stop LGBT propaganda worldwide through reason, life and justice.

The Facebook-page believes that homosexuality is not natural and that it is a problem in society and so fourth. It is also very negative against homosexuals marrying each other, since that would be completely against the Christian or Muslim faith, and that these individuals take far too many rights in our societies. They are also negative against homosexual adoptions, since there is scientific proof that a child needs both a mother and a father. 

Do you think homosexuality is natural since it exists, that it is morally okay since it's a person's choice, and that there is no problem? Or do you think that homosexuality is unnatural, immoral since it is caused by perversion or social beliefs, and that it causes problems in society?

Send you questions to this page, either by hitting the link above or by sending a direct message here

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