10 do's and don'ts if you're homeless

Are you american, british or french? Then perhaps you're a victim of the recent trend of homelessness in these countries. There are many stereotypes of homeless people, but something needs to be perfectly clear here; the homeless haven't necessarily 'deserved' being because they don't work as some would argue. Maybe their home burnt down, as was the case in London recently? Maybe they got fired for no reason, and didn't find a new work in time? What if they're sick somehow and don't get proper medication like they deserve? It is also important to point out that once you're homeless it is far more complicated to try and enhance your living standard. We at LQG truly believe that housing always should be one of the human rights. No one should 'deserve' to be homeless, that is in our opinion a very inhumane thing to say.

Here are 10 do's and don'ts if you have been unlucky, this is also a tribute to all the homeless in the World, and especially to the homeless of New York City (which has the highest frequency of homelessness per capita in the whole World!)

1. Find a safe and non-criminal place, places with high poverty will be a risk for a homeless person.
2. Try to live as normal as you can, even if you're on the streets. Even if you feel depressed, and tired, it is absolutely essential that you don't stop your daily routines. Take care of your hygiene, don't look like a homeless person. Do everything you can to look as fresh as possible. You should carry your toothbrush, electric razor, comb and towel in your backpack.
3. Do NOT drink alcohol, do NOT smoke, and do NOT accept drugs. You absolutely shouldn't accept anything that a stranger offers you, it could be anything. And if you wonder why these things are a big no-no, then why do you think the biggest reason behind mortality among homeless people is alcohol and drugs? They lose control, of course, and you can't afford it! 
4. Don't stop socializing. You should talk with your friends and everyone you know, and tell them that you're homeless. This is more important than you think, they are your friends, right? Someone maybe can help you, and hey, no matter how strange and not important you think it is to call them, please DO. Also carry your phone and computer with you in your backpack, don't throw these things.
5. Go to the library and other public areas every day. In these areas, you should use their computers. You do know that this is an excellent way to look for work? A good advice; look for work within the church, or charity organizations. They are less likely to turn you down, and don't be picky with the salary. Every salary is good enough for you in your position, and you really need some sort of work.
6. Write a good list of things you can afford and not afford, make a plan for what you can eat each day. You should eat healthy and good food, that is not expensive, and that makes you feel full. Candy and other junk food will catch your eyes, of course, because you feel bad and want to come in a better mood. But sugar makes you tired, and hungry, and it has in fact a depressing tendency. And you CANNOT afford it!
7. If you're absolutely broke, you have no other choice than to sleep on the streets. The best option is to try and sleep inside a train station on the bench there, or maybe in an airport? The advice is that you need to find a non-criminal place to sleep, where you don't need to freeze. Put your belongings in your backpack and sleep on it. And try to sleep without looking like a homeless person! That makes you vulnerable. If you have some money left, it's probably better to try and find a VERY cheap hostel or something like it, but be sure that it doesn't ruin you. 
8. Save all the money you can, and look for work constantly. Don't throw any of your belongings, keep your clothes and essential devices. Use a large backpack, perhaps you could use a lock to make it harder for people to get into?
9. Do not put yourself in difficult situations, don't mess with people. Don't be aggressive, and don't let people fight with you. Be sure to only be in safe locations. Be CALM whatever it costs, never be worked up about anything. Be calm and stay calm. Don't think about saddening and depressing things, you need all of your strength. 
10. Save money all the time, try to find a very small and cheap apartment in a safe neighborhood. This is more possible than you think. Once you get your own place to live, it will be far easier for you to find work. You're a human, so live like a human, don't degrade yourself! Don't smell! 

It is tough to be homeless, but you can make it, and if you follow these rules it will be far easier than you think. If it feels more consolidating, what if I told you that most homeless people in fact get housing in the end? Don't think once when you get in a tricky situation, think trice. 

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