The importance of the russian language

"Isn't it smart that there is a language that everybody knows, so that there is never a language problem?"

Yes, that's smart. And English is an excellent language to communicate in, almost all of North America, large parts of western Europe, all of Oceania, big parts of Africa and most people in India knows English. But believe in or not - there are still a LOT people in the World that doesn't know English, or at least speak it very, very poorly. Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and big parts of Africa still don't know English or have great difficulty in understanding English. 

So perhaps, English-speakers should look for yet another language to learn in order to being understood in the World? The only question is which. Spanish? No, you'll probably be understood at least a tiny bit - and Spanish isn't in fact that hard to understand if you really, really try - Latin you know. French? No, at least someone among the french would understand English. German? No, most Germans understand at least a little bit English.

But what are biggest languages in the World? Well; 1. Chinese 2. Spanish 3. Hindi 4. English 5. Russian 6. Arabic 7. Portuguese 8. French 9. Indonesian 10. Bengali

Most useful among these: Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and French.
But Chinese is almost exclusively spoken in China, and not in the whole World. Spanish, we've already spoken about. French as well. Arabic on the other hand, is greatly spoken in very diverse areas of the World - but that is the result of migration. So if you don't have some business in the Middle East, then you still should be able to speak to Arabic-speakers in the country where you live in your own language.

This is where it gets really interesting! Russian remains! Russian is spoken and understood in most of Eastern Europe, sometimes understood in the Middle East, spoken in Central Asia as well as in China sometimes. Russian can also be found on Cuba, and it's worth mentioning that 1,5 % of the entire population of the USA and Canada speaks Russian.
Except from being spoken in Russia, the country where the language was "invented", it is also a language in the Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states as well as Kazakhstan among others. No need to mention that Russia is one of the leading forces in the World, so this language has and will continue to have great influence on our world.

At LQG, we actually suggest that you learn the Russian language, even a whole lot of our visitors today come from Russia or its bordering countries.

Start with the Cyrillic alphabet:

Some simple phrases:

Sites that can help you to learn Russian (you should also take IRL-lessons, if you can): 

Are you already studying Russian, do you already speak Russian, or are you interested in learning the language? Don't forget to leave a comment!

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