RERUN: Want some green tea?

Green tea is a very popular product with many good sides. It contains antioxidants and many natural ingredients which keeps your body and soul healthy. Not only has it been very popular since the 90's, it's one of the absolute most popular products on the market as of 2016. Our teas comes from Assam in India (Click to show on map)

We offer the following tea types (we can find a special type just for you if you wish)

Selim Hill Classic Green Tea € 7 for 40 cups)

Pascoe's Woodlands Classic Winter Green € 3 for 40 cups)

Pascoe's Woodlands Classic Winter Frost Tea € 3 for 40 cups)

Glenburn Classic Spring Green € 4 for 40 cups)

Upper Namring Special Spring Green € 4.50 for 40 cups)

Morning Dew € 8 for 40 cups)

Mouling Classic Autumn Green € 3 for 40 cups)

Green Earl Grey Tea € 9 for 40 cups)

Barnesbeg Special Summer Green € 3 for 40 cups) 

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