Changes in our economies could be dangerous

Some people would argue that it's good for our economies that everything is happening so fast today, in terms of technology and new ways of doing things. Without doubt, no matter what element of society you're taking into account, it's a thousand times faster and far more automated than it was say 20-30 years ago. But is it all only for the good?

The truth is that rapid changes also makes a lot of jobs going lost. And when people lose their jobs, perhaps all of their education was for nothing, and what are they supposed to do next? All this will create a whole lot of confusion - and even if our modern society lets us do most things, isn't it true though that the old way of doing it sometimes is better for some reason? Not to mention how sad it is to see these places disappear.

A typical example of a brilliant place is Arctic Internet Café in Oslo Central Station in Norway!

Arctic Internet Café

At this Internet Café, you can do anything you'd like over the net (with incredible speed!) and you can also charge your phone. Web camera, headset, printer, scanner, CD-burner and even send and receive fax messages.

If you happen to be in Oslo, please don't wait with doing important things until you come home if you're in a hurry, but go to these guys! That's what they're there for!

Phone number: +4722171940

They are open from 9 in the morning to 11 in the evening.

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